Consult U is where we find the best business advisors and professionals for you! Our platform helps you overcome barriers to find and connect with the right advisors so that you won’t have to waste resources unnecessarily or worry about mismatches. We’ve made solving business problems a lot easier.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Post your job on the Consult U platform

2. Browse and communicate directly with Advisors who have responded to your job

3. Enter a formal Engagement Letter with your selected Advisor and get updates on your job via tracking.

This is a place where business is made easy, so any job you post is FREE! You’re then free to interview and chat up any Advisors. This is where you should communicate your job requirements, ask for any relevant experience and negotiate terms before you make an offer to the right Advisor. The only cost incurred will be the agreement you’ve formally made with your selected Advisor.

The answer is in the algorithm! Each time you post a new job, the Consult U algorithm automatically matches a list of appropriate and trusted Advisors from our extensive database to your job. You can then browse through these Advisor profiles and invite them to your job.

I still can’t seem to find the right Advisor on Consult U.

You should keep in mind that not all jobs are created equal. It’s important to create a job brief that’s thorough in description and appropriately categorised according to the skills and expertise needed. A well-explained brief will attract more of the right Advisors to your job. It’s all in the details!

Not to worry. Consult U has the right masters looking out for you! Our team consists of experts across varying business fields, who possess many years of experience.
Write to us at and we’ll provide you with personal assistance to make your job matching easier.

You communicate with Advisors using Consult U’s online messaging feature. No more overly-formal conversations. It’s like having a chat over coffee!

This is where you agree on how service formally begins. The Engagement Letter is determined at the point where you’ve decided on which Advisor you’d like to engage and both parties have agreed on the terms and job requirements that include but isn’t limited to:
– the job scope – advice – deliverables (if any) – duration (in hours or days etc.) – payment terms (price, payment schedule, due dates, etc.)

Rates are set by Advisors during your negotiation and vary based on the Advisor’s experience and skills, project type and duration of project. It’s best to specify your budget when you post your job brief so Advisors can have a better insight on your expectations before they respond to your job! In turn, Advisors may set their fees based on a fixed price or variable per-hour rate for your job. The Consult U team is ready to guide you during negotiations by helping you understand common practices depending on the service and industry. Do note that as per our Terms of Service, Advisors are independent contractors and Consult U is not responsible for their quality of work.

When in doubt, always check your Dashboard! Your Dashboard will provide you with information and tracking to help you monitor and manage your jobs.

What if my job contains confidential information?

We’ve got your concerns covered! You can withhold confidential job information by creating a blind Job Brief. This means that no specific information or company name is stated on the job brief. As a further precautionary measure, you can also choose not to list the job by unchecking the “Invite to Quote” option in the job brief.

This will allow you to select only your preferred Advisors to have access to the job.

Do note that as part of our Terms of Service, Advisors agree not to disclose confidential information. It’s also common practice for you to get your Advisors to sign confidentiality agreements prior to disclosing sensitive information.

Your satisfaction is of primary concern to us! If you are unsatisfied with any service, do inform us so we can work towards a successful outcome for you through mediation.

Yes! But you’ll need to use a different email address for each account.

You can request to have your account permanently deleted. Let us know at